Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Years Message From Handsome J...

The year is almost over and what an enjoyable film reviewing ride it has been. So many terrific movies this year and a few duds. I’d argue that 2015 produced a majority of entertaining films. I didn’t start writing reviews for this website until about four months ago which leaves so many other films unaccounted for. This is in no way an indication they aren’t worth seeing. They are, I just wasn’t writing about them at the time. 

Below is a list of films that came out in 2015 and are ready for you to read, if you are so inclined. Each of the movies I saw in theaters and decided to write about for you. The goal is to provide you insight that might help you decide which films are worth your hard earned dollars and which can wait for Redbox. Additionally, I try to keep each review near 500 words. I do this specifically to ensure you have time to read them without it taking up no more than perhaps 5 minutes. I understand that all film is subjective, just like all art, but it’s my hope that you read these and appreciate the perspective I provide.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E, End of the Tour, Hitman Agent 47, Ant-Man, Black Mass, The Intern, The Visit, Sicario, Bridge of Spies, Hotel Transylvania, Crimson Peak, The Martian, Our Brand is Crisis, Spectre, Trumbo, The Peanuts Movie, The Night Before, Secret In Their Eyes, Creed, Krampus, Macbeth, Legend, The Good Dinosaur, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Sisters, The Big Short

2016 is almost here, possibly has arrived when you read this, and I’m excited about what Hollywood is distributing. Below are a few films I’m looking forward to in 2016 and I hope you have films you are excited to see as well! 

The Nice Guys, Captain America Civil War, Batman VS Superman, Deadpool, GhostBusters, X-Men Apocalypse, Dirty Grandpa, Kung Fu Panda 3, Assassins Creed, Zootopia, Star Trek Beyond, Rogue 1, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Suicide Squad, Jungle Book, Hail Caesar, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Zoolander 2, Barbershop the Next Cut, and my most anticipated film of 2016 is Doctor Strange. 

I hope you all continue to tell your friends and family what you enjoy here with Maskerpiece Theatre. Thank you again for your support folks. Here’s to 2016, being a movie junkie and reviewing film!

Handsome J

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