Sunday, December 27, 2015

Comic Book Review: Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 - DC Comics (2015)

Written by Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello
Art by Andy Kubert & Klaus Janson

The universe of Frank Miller's version of Batman continues in Dark Knight III: The Master Race.  Thought to be dead, it appears
Batman is back and badder than ever.  There is footage from a cell phone that catches the Dark Knight fighting with police.  Everyone wants to know who is under the cowl and the reveal may surprise you.

This series is off to a fantastic start.  I was not originally going to partake in the purchasing of these books since they have a $5.99 cover price.  Luckily for me, my wife shops for comics based on cover and bought the first two issues for me(a review of issue two will follow in the next day or so).  Frank Miller teaming with Brian Azzarello is great and also Andy Kubert is capturing much of the look the previous Dark Knight series.'

It's really cool to see more of the DC universe early on with DKIII.  Wonder Woman looks to play a large part and we are introduced to another character who is looking to help her people.  We also get a glimpse of Superman and where he is chilling.

The Atom #1
Written by Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello
Art by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

There's also a bonus story within the comic book and that helps me in justifying the $5.99 cover price.  It's actually a mini book and stars The Atom.  We get a look into his world and what makes him tick.  We are also shown a character that shows up at the end of DKIII #1 who enlists the help of Dr. Palmer.

I like seeing that Frank Miller did the artwork for this one.  The cover with Superman on it is interesting to say the least.

If the price doesn't scare you too much, I'd say DKIII #1 is a nice addition to your collection.  It's a little tough knowing there are awesome books at half the price available.  Two issues of Saga or Paper Girls cost the same as one issue of DKIII.  Could be tough if you're on a budget.

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