Saturday, December 12, 2015

Drawn Out: Logo

The logo for this blog is not just about the words, but also about the background art.  The art is a bunch of sketches of characters that I have drawn in the past and also whatever came to mind.  The first picture is the logo that I like.  Take a look at the other pictures as these are the steps I took in making the logo.

The first picture depicts the loose pencils to lay out everything.  I say "pencils" but all of the artwork was completed digitally.  I like using blue for pencils and then bringing down the opacity before inking.  For those not knowing what that is, opacity is how dark the lines are.  I lower the opacity before I go over in black so it isn't as distracting.  

Here is the black and white version before adding the lettering. I teased this on Instagram and my personal Facebook page.  The overall reaction was pretty positive.

I played with coloring the logo but ultimately decided to go black and white.  I thought colors that overlapped and went outside the designated lines might be a cool look but in the end felt it was distracting from the words "Drawn Out."

As stated earlier this logo was made digitally.  It was drawn using a Wacom Intuos Tablet using the program, Manga Studio 5.  The lettering for the logo was made using Comic Life 2.  

Do you have a favorite logo?  Maybe you want more information on some of the characters in the blog(Blasto the Clown has his own Twitter account).  Is there anything you'd like to on the "Drawn Out" blog?  Leave us a comment and let your voice be heard.

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