Thursday, December 17, 2015

MODOK Assassin - Issue 5 - Comic Book Review - Marvel

MODOK Assassin - #5 - Marvel
Written By: Christopher Yost
Art By: Pinna, Pallot & Rosenberg

Lady Thor is laying unconscious, presumably dead, while MODOK continues the fight against Mordo, Clea and the Mindless Ones. While arguing and fighting we see what untapped skills MODOK has been withholding as he summons his own army to help combat the Mindless Ones. Lady Thor awakens and sentences Mordo to death but Mordo is not so easily defeated. One final battle rages between Lady Thor, MODOK, Mordo and Clea until the Thors claim Lady Thor back to their ranks and MODOK claims his new role and title in Killville. 

This final issue ties everything up nicely and provides just as much murder and mayhem the previous issues all provided. MODOK cuts up bodies, blows up faces and is just as snarky as always. Such a great final issue in this miniseries. Even the final page is a single splash page of awesomeness. Once they make this a trade paperback if you haven’t kept up with the single issues I’d recommend picking that up.

The final reveal of Lady Thor’s real name and watching MODOK smile was so cheesy it was fantastic. There’s not a lot I felt could’ve been better because this series set out with one tone and idea and delivered on it nicely. It puts on zero fronts and embraces the idea and concepts of a city called Killville and what type of daily activities would occur in a city like this. Good times. Great characters. Incredible action sequences and violent art that is eye candy for days. 

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