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Supernatural Review "Into the Mystic" Season 11 Episode 11

Supernatural Review: Season 11 Episode 11 “Into the Mystic”

Director: John Badham

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Staring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins … Honorable Mention: Dee Wallace!!!

Synopsis: Sam and Dean investigate a case where people are suffering violent deaths after hearing a mysterious song.

Review: The teaser for the show starts off in the past with a family being attacked by the monster of this episode. This monster, which later we find out is a banshee, kills its victims by driving them to vigorously bash their heads against things until they kill themselves and then she feeds from the wound on their heads.  With the man dead, the woman quickly works some sort of spell to cast the monster away protecting her baby in the process as she slowly passes away as well. Now in present day another death takes place at the hands of the banshee, after Dean sees the article in the paper he convinces a less enthusiastic Sam to work the case.

The boys find them selves at a retirement home where the murder took place. They quickly come to a conclusion of who is deceased that is haunting the facility, Sam and Dean believe it is a ghost that is the problem. After a quick salt and burn the boys think they are done. Unfortunately the boys aren’t that lucky and another person dies and this time in front of a witness. This leads to the boys to talking to the witness Mildred, who is played by Dee Wallace (E.T., Cujo, The Howling and Critters), she was great! Carelessly flirting with Dean the whole time!

There is another short set back when Sam thinks that he has the banshee in his sights, but we come to find out the woman, Eileen, hat Sam was investigating is actually hunting the same banshee.  Later in the episode it all ties together, Eileen is the baby that was saved at the beginning of the episode, it was a pretty good tie in.  Now leading up to the battle, initially thinking Mildred would be bate for the banshee, both boys and Eileen are prepared to take this monster down.

The twist comes when Dean is the one that can hear the banshee and he starts to bash his head against a doorframe. Sam and Eileen are quick to react, but it is Mildred that traps the banshee so that Eileen can strike home with the gold dagger to kill the monster. With the damsels in distress now safe the boys say their goodbyes and head back to their bunker for one of those heartfelt talks that makes all the fan girls swoon. It was a much-needed talk, Sam is completely honest in revealing that Lucifer did in fact get to him and there were things that he was dealing with.  But Dean is hiding something from Sam, only question is when will Sam figure it out.

Final Thoughts: There was so much I liked about this episode, I love that for once Sam is opening up about how much Lucifer gets to him. Also finally admitting that he regrets not looking for Dean when he was dragged into purgatory.  Although I didn’t mention it during all of this banshee story above, Dean does get a little time alone with Castiel, or well I guess technically Lucifer pretending to be Castiel. They get a little time to talk some things over and Dean admits that there may be some feelings involved when it comes to the darkness. I am very curious about what that is going to lead too. Misha Collins is priceless though, I didn’t think he could make Castiel any more creepy, but he found a way. More of it please! Dee Wallace was absolutely fabulous! Her flirting with Dean brought the biggest smile to my face. She is right though, nothing like watching Sam and Dean walk away! 

The awkward moment though is timing, not in the show timing, but when the episode aired timing.  The Banshee in Supernatural could only be heard by its victims, making them hear what sounds like a high screaming noise, not to be confused with The X-files this week, which focused on a kid that was telepathic and ironically made a man hear a high pitch sound that lead to suicide. I’m sure it was a complete coincidence but it also could have left some to feel like there was a little bit of déjà vu going on.    

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