Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Comic Book Review: Constantine the Hellblazer #10 - DC Comics (2016)

"Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic"

Written by Ming Doyle & James Tynion IV
Pencils by Travel Foreman
Inks by Joseph Silver
Colors by Ivan Plascencia

John Constantine is in a place worse than Hell; Faerie.  He needs to escape this land and get back to Earth-world in order to stop the demon Neron from destroying humanity.

Ten issues in and this has been a fun ride.  Constantine has been everywhere and he's had to use his wits, along with snarky replies, to get through all of the awful situations he finds him in.  I like when art imitates life, as the evil demon Neron, with his terrible hair and all wishes to "Make Hell Great Again."

I am also a fan of John Constantine's inability to have a relationship due to his lifestyle.  More accurately, I like how this comic series shows what a detriment to others it can be to be involved in Constantine's life.  The tragedy of the story is incredibly compelling as Constantine has a charisma to him, but he can be downright despicable toward people and it's mainly because he needs to be for their safety.

Travel Foreman is in charge of pencils for this issue which definitely works, especially in the realm of Faerie.  Constantine the Hellblazer is an absolute incredible value with excellent writing, wonderful artwork and a price tag of only $2.99.

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