Thursday, March 3, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow Review: Season 1 Episode 7 "Marooned"

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7

After receiving a distress call from another timeship stranded in space, Rim decide’s to answer the call in order to use the other ship’s computer to track Savage, the team is suspicious and warn’s him this could be a trap but he move’s forward with his plan. Ultimately, the team was right and they have to battle time pirate’s, with most of the team capture it is up to Professor Stein to rescue them all.

With the trail to Vandal Savage going cold, Rip and the team need to find another way to locate Savage’s position. When a distress signal from another Timeship is retrieved by the team, Rip decides to answer the call for help. Once there they learn the ship had been taken over by Time Pirates and now are captives. With the pirate chasing the other half of the team its up to Stein to save everyone else. 

Rory decides to cease the opportunity to return to 2016 by making a deal with the pirates for the ship. Because of his betrayal Snart makes the decision to drop him off, only to be left with and end scene of him hitting Rory with his cold gun.

Final Thoughts: 
Loved the episode, with that being said I am still not fully behind Rip. It seems to be my only complaint of the series, as he is just not “Hero” like at all. I fully understand the emotional stress that he would be under, but being a Comic book show I feel he should be a little different. 

I have to say I loved Stein and his joy of being able to fulfill the dream of being a space ranger, also all the Star Trek and Star Wars references from Ray were priceless.

Then we had the stand off between Rory and Snart. The Bad guy who just wants to be bad vs the Bad guy who is finally living up to the Flash’s predictions of him. This was bound to happen, and the show creators really know how to fully commit Snart to being the hero we all deserve. Those moments with sara freezing to death really cemented this fact. 

But the way the episode ended, I really can’t believe that they killed off Rory. I guess we will have to wait to see what happens but it does look like they are moving that direction.

I give this episode Two Thumbs Up, Let us know what you thought of the episode and leave your comments below.

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