Monday, April 11, 2016

Comic Book Review: Doctor Who: The New Adventures of the Fourth Doctor #1 - Titan Comics (2016)

"Gaze of the Medusa"
Part 1

Written by Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby
Art by Brian Williamson

The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith are in London, 1887 taking in a play about the Wild West.  Little do they know, there are strange things going on with creatures unlike anyone in London has ever seen.  As one can imagine, the Doctor and Sarah Jane, with a little help from a couple of locals, get involved.

Admittedly I am not as familiar with the Fourth Doctor.  I was introduced to Doctor Who much later.  That said, I really enjoyed this book!  It read well and kept me captivated the entire time and I was a little sad when it came to an end.  The comic book ends on a nice cliffhanger and issue two should be a good one.

I also really enjoyed the art in this comic book,  There were a lot of darker tones which makes a book about monsters doing monster things that much more frightening.  Brian Williamson did a wonderful job capturing the look of the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane and making this feel like a modern look at a classic television show.

This normally wouldn't be a book I would have purchased but it came into my possession through a subscription service called Zwaag Bag.  Every month has a theme and luckily for me, I ended up with a couple of Doctor Who comic books including this one.  I do reviews of subscription box reviews for HelloSubscription and you can read about Zwaag Bag and get a coupon here.  The cover that is pictured is the book I received.

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