Thursday, April 14, 2016

Comic Book Review: Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Adventures Year Two #2 - Titan Comics (2016)

Written by Robbie Morrison
Art by Rachael Stott

Clara Oswald's friend Christel has gone missing and she decides to investigate and calls upon the Doctor to assist.  Good thing Clara called upon the Doctor as there are plenty of strange things happening at and near the Ravenscaur School.

This was a fun start to the story.  Plenty of aliens, monsters and ghosts.  There is also the signature Doctor Who humor which is something that makes this fun book to read.  The way it is written, I feel like I am hearing the voices.

The art looks great as well, especially Clara.  Rachael Stott definitely captures everything in the face of the Impossible Girl.  If I had one thing to pick on, it's unfortunately The Doctor.  He look a bit young throughout the comic but that's pretty minor compared to how well everything else looks.

Doctor Who is one of my favorite television series and i'm glad I finally took the time to read the comic books.  Thanks to Zwaag Bag for including this Doctor Who comic book in their March 2016 box, I finally took that opportunity.  The comic book I received had Cover D which I feel has a really cool and fun look to it.  Read the review of the entire March 2016 Zwaag Bag here.

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