Monday, April 11, 2016

The Binge Watcher Review: Hansel Vs. Gretel (2015)

Hansel Vs. Gretel (2015)

Brent Lydic, Lili Baross, Aqueela Zoll, Jhey Castles, Riley Murphy, Nanrisa Lee, Fawn Stone, Elisha Kriis

When Gretel falls under a dark spell and organizes a coven of witches, Hansel must find the courage to fight his twin sister and the sinister forces controlling her.

The Good:
This was a fun premise, turning Gretel evil and having her face off against her brother. This movie works, it uses just the right amount of CGI to make it fun but not ridiculous. The acting wasn’t horrible which makes it that much better.

The Bad:
Well this is a B-Movie and with it comes ridiculous scripts. 

Final Thoughts:
If you need a cheesy group movie night film, look no further than Asylum Production. They have the best of the B-movies.

Hansel vs Gretel is a new twist on an old fairy tale. This movie takes place in the modern world and what better way for a movie like this to get attention than to cast the majority of the witches with beautiful women.

At the end of the day this is a cheesy movie, its definitely worth a watch whether if its a Date Night at home or a Bad Movie Night with friends. Just don't expect a master piece, there is a reason this was a straight to DVD Movie.

Let us know what your thoughts of the movie are and leave your comments below.

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