Friday, May 20, 2016

Supernatural Review: We Happy Few

Supernatural: We Happy Few

Director: John Badham

Writer: Robert Berens

Staring: Jared padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Ruth Connell, Emily Swallow, Rob Benedict

Thank you Robert Berens and John Badham! Thank you for this episode filled with awkward family bonding and “did that really just happen” moments. Honestly, I could watch Misha Collins and Rob Benedict bicker all day long. The back and forth between Lucifer and God was better than I could have asked for and some. Robert Berens did an amazing job writing a scene that seems unfathomable and then making it relatable for everyone. Who hasn’t had a moment where they felt betrayed by their parent and then want nothing more than a heartfelt apology, just to hear those two little words, I’m sorry.


As if getting Lucifer and God on the same page wasn’t hard enough, the gang some how convinces the angels, the demons and Rowena with a few witches to come together to fight the darkness. Honestly, for a good moment there it looks like it’s going to work. For a brief second it looks like things, for once, are going to go in favor of the boys. The saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" seriously holds up at the end of this fight. That moment just before the last commercial break where you seriously think that Amara had indeed killed God was one of the most shocking moments in the whole series of Supernatural. Just the concept of witnessing God die and then the repercussions of living in a world with out a God. It is mind-boggling. While that would have been a great ending point of the episode, waiting a whole week to find out God actually did not die yet would have been a buzz kill for the start of next week’s episode. Good choice to reveal that now rather than later. 

As always I love the scenes with Rowena and Fergus… um I mean Crowely. I feel like they will come to an end some day, so getting more of those in always makes me happy.  I’m really hoping that with how things played out with Lucifer, Castiel is back and hopefully the wonderful Mark Pellegrino will some day make another appearance on the show. Misha Collins did well as Lucifer, but I want Cas back and Pellegrino as Lucifer just puts a smile on my face. If that can’t happen though, then Lucifer you get right back in there with Cas, Misha can carry those reigns.

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