Friday, June 3, 2016

Green Lanterns Rebirth - Review

Having been a fan of Hal Jordons many many years ago I decided to get back with the Green Lantern series now that DC has revamped things, as it were. I didn't know the new Lanterns and was pleasantly surprised at the back story that was given in this issue. There's plenty of dialogue in this issue which I'm very much a fan of, assuming it's quality conversation & not wasteful jibberish. This issue also sets up a glimpse into how the series could play out. 

I enjoyed the brief battle sequence and the reveals had me shaking my head in agreement and saying "yessssss" as I read this issue. I'm looking forward to seeing how the story plays out. There's a few possibilities and they all seem entertaining. Plus there's a little mystery as well that peaked my interest but you'll have to pick this issue up to read about it. From the very beginning to the very end we aren't sure what will happen but we know things are going to happen and those things should be very exciting!

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