Sunday, June 12, 2016

Superman Rebirth - Comic Book Review

If you read the DC Rebirth issue you know that each character is getting a new story with a new timeline and curious developments are taking place. So let's dive in and take a look at my thoughts on "Superman Rebirth" issue 1...

Superman is dead and there's more going on at his burial site than just his remains resting in peace. Another Superman has decided that he's going to help Superman resurrect himself as he once did and the story plays on from there. This issue is exposition city! There's so much world building in this comic that even if you haven't read Superman before this, it won't matter. Everything, mostly, is explained and it's written so well. Again, we are treated to nonstop dialogue because they are catching everyone up. It's articulate and the two main characters read uniquely. 

The art in this issue is explosive at times and at other times very natural. Since the basis of this issue is exposition, there isn't much action. It's two people in different rooms talking but if you're paying attention you'll notice how much character is involved in the design of the faces as they talk. Also, the different locations do not look like each other. Some are dark and covered in shadow while another is bright with varied shades of blue. Overall, the art was subtle but enjoyable.

I'm not sure whether I enjoyed this or Action Comics more but this was a good read if you're a superman fan or curious about becoming one. This isn't an exciting first issue but I'm inclined to believe with all the design they are putting into this world the payoff will be there once we're all caught up. If you're gonna grab this issue do so at a local comic book shop and tell them Maskerpiece Theatre sent you. 

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