Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Titans Rebirth - Comic Book Review

The DC Rebirth saga continues with Titans and Wally West is trying to solve the mystery that is plaguing the entire DC universe. So let's dive in and take a look at "Titans Rebirth" in this comic book review...

The issue starts off with Wally realizing he's gonna need the help of his old team, the Titans. The only problem is that the team doesn't remember him & assumes he's an intruder. A sudden curious occurrence helps Wally restore fragments of memory to his friends but it still doesn't answer the bigger question affecting the DC Universe but the team realizes they need to get ready.

Overall, the story was pretty simple. The dialogue was also pretty minimal however it was appropriate. There's a nice explanation regarding Wallys absence & what he's been witnessing while gone. In 1 issue we also get a clear sense of the importance his friends have in his life. These aren't just super hero's but friends, dare I say, family to Wally. The struggle he faces during this issue of trying to reason with them while they attack him was fun to read. 

The artwork in this issue was visually delightful. There is some dark room fight sequences, then bright colored rooms with hugs, the ocean landscaping & more. This issue really travels around and it all looks vibrant and well drawn. The fight sequences looked pretty cool as well as we are treated to the different skill sets of the heros attacking Wally & his reactions. Overall, the story looks great and was a treat for my eyes. 

I'd recommend this series for the reasons listed above as well as this appears to be the glue that connects all the other stories together. I could be wrong. I've only read this first issue but the feeling I got was that the writers are using this story to tie all the mystery up that is looming over the DC universe right now. It's a quick read but it looks great. Go visit your local comic book store and pick this issue up! Oh, tell them Maskerpiece Theatre sent you.

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