Monday, September 26, 2016

Comic Book Review: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #4 - DC Comics (2016)

"Sinestro's Law Part 4: The Fear Engine"

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Ethan Van Sciver
Colors by Jason Wright

Sinestro contines to fuel his Fear Engine as he awaits the arrival of Sinestro Corps' latest prisoner: Hal Jordan.  Sinestro is in for a surprise as there is a captured Green Lantern but not who he thinks.  Hal Jordan was redirected and taken by someone else while on planet Moga, John Stewart must make a decision as to what he should do next.

I am extremely glad I started reading this series.  Robert Venditti is crafting an other-worldly story happening across the universe with some of the most incredible heroes and villains in the DC Universe.  Hal Jordan bringing the Green Lantern Corps together and Sinestro coming back into power and looking to bring his version of order to the universe.  We are only 4 issues in(5 including the Rebirth Issue) and it feels like the best is yet to come.  This is also a comic book to read.  I Enjoy that there are lengthy conversations being had.  I feel like dialogue within comic books is a fading art.

Ethan Van Sciver is an extraordinary artist.  This series is worth picking up for the art alone.  Luckily the story is excellent as well.  The colors look amazing as well.  The use of light and the fact that it looks like it glows is a remarkable feat by colorist Jason Wright.

What are your thoughts on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps?  Are you enjoying any of the other DC Rebirth titles?  What other comic books would you like Maskerpiece Theatre to review?  Please contact any of the blogsters or the social media pages and let us know.

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