Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Binge Watcher Review: Puerto Ricans In Paris (2015)

Puerto Ricans In Paris (2015)

Luis Guzman, Edgar Garcia, Alice Taglioni, Rosario Dawson, Rosie Perez, Julie Ferrier, Lilou Fogli, Miriam Shor

Two New York detectives work under cover in Paris to Catch a Thief who’s threatening to flood the fashion market with bootlegged handbags.

The Good:
Let’s start with the obvious and that is Luis Guzman, personally find him hilarious in any comedy which he is in. This movie is no different, however Edgar Garcia steels the show. Garcia is great at being the calming influence opposite of Guzman’s over the top Player.

The Bad: 
The film itself never plays to the strengths of Luis Guzman, instead relying heavily on a script that never reaches the next level. 

Final Thoughts:
Although there are funny moments in this movie, it never moves past “Straight To DVD” quality. Most of the issues are with creditability, Outside of Garcia’s character being the lovable family man, there really isn’t much as to believe in this film,. These two are not so great detectives and Luis Guzman is more a horny old man than Player, and seriously does anyone really believe he can land a woman like Rosario Dawson? 

The Movie itself is good but not great, I wouldn’t recommend you run our to buy ever. But if you have run out of Netflix options and need a movie for a long weekend than this is it. So if your ok with watching a Horny old Puerto Rican hit on women from Paris than this is the movie for you.

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