Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fist Fight - Box Office Review

Comedies should be designed to make people laugh as the top priority. If the film decides to venture into deeper concepts of life, mortality, racism, money, etc. that’s ok. However, the primary purpose of the comedy should be to make the viewers laugh, first and foremost. So let’s dive in and take a look at “Fist Fight” in this box office review…

This movie was garbage. Plain and simple. I walked into the theater with an expectation to laugh. I barely laughed at all. Unfortunately, the majority of the “funny” scenes were those that were in the previews. I was so bored by the cheap jokes, poor writing and made for tv acting that I wanted to pull my hat down and fall asleep in the theater. Fortunately, Kumail Nanjiani has the comedic chops to be funny in any situation and he was the one character that kept the pulse alive for this film. There were two recurring jokes in the film that had some level of redemption and they made me laugh but overall the story is hot garbage on a windy day just blowing stink everywhere.

Fist Fight” is in theaters now and it shouldn’t be. This movie isn’t worth your time via RedBox or theaters. If you decide to go out and do some day drinking and get pretty hammered and then turn on the TV and it’s playing, you might enjoy it. If you’re not hammered drunk though you’ll probably notice how you’re wasting your life by watching this film.

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