Thursday, March 31, 2016

Supernatural Review: Red Meat

Supernatural Review: Red Meat

Director: Nina Lopez-Corrado

Writer: Robert Berens, Andrew Dabb

Staring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Lisa Berry, Suki Kaiser, Toby Levins, Eileen Pedde, Erin Way

Synopsis: Sam and Dean battle a pair of werewolves who have captured two victims. Just as the brothers are about to win, one of the werewolves shoots Sam. Dean gets his brother and the victims out of the house but learns a pack of werewolves are hot on their tail, hoping to kill them all.

Review: Well this show kicked off with a bang… no literally a bang. It’s been awhile since we felt like one of the Winchesters might bite the bullet, and what better way to remind everyone than with one of them getting shot. With werewolves hot on their trail they need to get everyone to help as soon as possible. With the belief that Sam has passed, Dean is forced to leave Sam behind and get the victims to safety.

Dean does what Dean always does and finds a way to kill him self just enough so he can talk to Billie the reaper. I know I shouldn’t like her, but I do. She really does want to be the one to reap the Winchesters when the time comes. This episode was a perfect reminder for everyone of what is at risk for the boys. No mater what Dean asks, there would be no deals or trades if one of the dies, she proved her point “The answer will always be no.” With the big fight against the Darkness, this was the perfect time to remind everyone Billie is waiting.

As it turns out, Sam is not dead (thank goodness) and some how he manages overpowers two werewolves to get to the hospital to save the day. Poor Sam, he must be in so much pain and he still has to get his big brother out of trouble.  Luckily Sam gets some much needed revenge on Corbin for almost killing him back in the woods.  

Final thoughts: This didn’t feel like a typical Supernatural episode, but that is okay because the choices made for this episode were spot on. I don't think I have ever taken the time to acknowledge just how amazing the editing team is for Supernatural, so this is me taking a moment to say they are amazing. The "Then" montages at the beginning of the episodes always do such a great job to set up the episodes. Plus the music for this episode was much more subtle than normal, which fit this episode so perfectly. The final scene between Dean and Michelle in the hospital was amazing! Erin Way did a fantastic job.

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Arrow Review: Season 4 Episode 17 "Beacon of Hope"

Arrow Season 4 Episode 17
“Beacon of Hope”

The Bug-Eyed Bandit escapes from jail and turns up at Palmer Tech threatening to kill everyone in the building unless she gets the Bio-Chip that was implanted in Felicity’s spine.

Brie Larvan is back, getting her release from prison early she is out to get the bio-chip from Felicity. The Bug-Eyed Bandit decides to take Palmer tech hostage until Felicity shows. Without Felicity, the team is lost trying to figure the best way to defeat the artificial bee’s of Bries. Fortunately for the team Curtis Holt went home early and decided to step in to help. 

In order to stop the Bug-Eyed Bandit, Holt develops a virus to stop the bee’s from attacking. We also found out that Felicity has no want to rejoin the team, and the separation is hurting Oliver to the point of lashing out at his friends.

The end of the episode ends with Malcolm meeting Diggle’s brother in order to help the escape of Damien Darhk from prison.

Final Thoughts:
Well there goes the longest stretch without the secret identity of Oliver being given up. I think i am ok with Curtis Holt finding out, but only if it means a bigger role going forward. 

For the most part this episode was another dud, there was no build into the remainder of the season. We also didn’t get any resolution to the Oliver/Felicity drama, which now is officially ruining each episode. At some point we need a resolution, which I don’t believe will happen until either these two get back together or Felicity is gone from the show. 

Unfrotunatley the best part of the episode was the min of the show. We learn that in some fashion Andy Diggle is still working for Darhk. Nice little teaser for the next episode.

This unfortunately this was the worse episode of the season. Another villain not being used correctly, more Relationship drama than I care to watch, and worse of all the episode barely did anything to advance the story. Let us know what your thoughts of the episode were.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Monday Night Raw, March 28,2016

Monday Night Raw March 28,2016

This review is based on the 90 minute version on Hulu. Fair warning there may be stuff I don’t talk about for that reason.

It’s that time of the year again when the biggest show of the year takes place. Wrestlemania. Yes, it is the biggest show of the year, period. Anyone who says otherwise is just ignorant. Wrestlemania is so widely anticipated and loved around the world, nothing reaches and connects to the masses as a whole the way that Mania does. This entire week is about the build up to Mania and this Raw was exactly what was needed to kick off the week for this Sunday.

Raw started off with none other then the Undertaker and Shane McMahon, I have to admit up until now I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this story and match.  I’m more than excited to see Shane McMahon back in WWE. I honestly do believe that is what is best for business, especially for the future of WWE. I really wish we had gotten more of Taker and Shane going off on each other by them selves the way the did this week on Raw, because this bit was amazing! Taker said it best “Wrestlemania is my yard, Hell in a Cell is my house!” It may not be the best match from a technical perspective, but story wise this is one of the matches I am most excited for. I may be biased though, Undertaker is my all time favorite. Also, any one who complained about that elbow Shane delivered to Taker putting him through the announce table just needs to shut their mouth, it was the perfect tease to prove Shane can still do the crazy stuff and what better way to lead things in to Mania.

Oh a match, love when they have those on Raw! I kid, I kid they have matches on raw, first match up on Raw was Zack Ryder vs Chris Jericho. The little preshow promo didn’t make much since to me, no wrestler in their right mind would ever not want to be apart of Mania. That isn’t really something to focus on though so I’m just going to act like I didn’t hear that and move on. The match was entertaining and having AJ Styles at ringside getting a “Y2Jackass” chant going was great. Side note Jericho temper tantrums are one of my favorite things. They will always make me giggle. Also kudos for this pairing for Styles for his first Mania, Aj Styles vs Jericho will be a solid match.

Diva revolution you say? Yes please! The three-way match at Mania between Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks has potential to be the best diva’s match we have ever seen in the women’s division at Wrestlemania. Becky Lynch vs Charlotte was a nice little tease to lead up to this Sunday. The quality of matches these women are putting out right now is refreshing, the Diva division has needed this for awhile.

I’m going to skip the first segment with Triple H and Roman Reigns, I’m going to save that for the end. Plus why put off talking about New Day! Cause New Day Rocks! Clap clap clap! New Day Rocks! Hope you all got your Booty O’s because Kofi Kingston squares off against League of Nations member Alberto Del Rio. Both wrestlers are great, so the match was everything we have come to expect from the New Day, it was entertaining.  We have to talk about New Day, those 3 men should live with mics in their hands! Outside of Paul Heyman, no one is on their level for promo’s. This tag match at Mania is going to brutal and watching how both teams use there numbers to their advantage will be great.  Short post match fun here, the Coach is back!!! ESPN in the house! Sports Center is announced for Wrestlemania! Yes this makes me happy.

Speaking of Paul Heyman, we got a little tease of what may come at Mania. Heyman being Heyman, did what he does and sold this match of Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Yes, it would have been nice to see both men duke it out a little bit, but the segment got the message across. Any thing goes, steel steps, barb wire baseball bats, fire extinguishers, chainsaws, its all legal. Ambrose hasn’t  really gotten the upper hand on Lesnar yet, so we will have to see what kind of lunacy he will bring to the table to get a head in this match. I have high expectations for this match!

What appears to be a match that will take place every year now, 6 of the 7 competitors in the ladder match for the Intercontinental Title squared off on Raw in a 6-man tag match. The match it self was a pretty good match, I liked the cat and mouse games going on between Kevin Owens and Sami Zane. Having Zane get the pin on Owens to end the match after Owens partners to a page out of his book and bailed was great. I’m excited to see what things these 7 men can come up with for this match.

Now for my rant, can someone please explain to me why all the hate for Roman Reigns? No I’m not his biggest fan, but still people are acting like he has horrible matches every night or something. If anyone else had made that jump over the top rope everyone would have gone nuts, instead because it was Reigns people bust out a “You still suck” chant? I like to see any one sitting in that audience get in the ring and try that. Also don’t start with the promo issue, yes I know he isn’t great at promos, but that didn’t slow them down at all through out setting up this match. So please everyone, just sit back and watch, actually watch it before you start shitting on someone. I honestly just don’t understand how anyone could not be looking forward to this match between Triple H and Roman Reigns. 

To expand on that, I feel like a friendly reminder is needed for all the fans out there. You are just that, a fan. Be a fan. Yes you can have opinions and you can express them. That is part of the joy of being a fan. Please, please watch what is happening though, there is no need to tell WWE how to do their job. WWE knows what they are doing a majority of the time. Honest it really is okay to like it. I mean really that is the goal isn’t it? That’s why we watch it, to be entertained. Please just take a moment to remember this is Wrestlemania!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Movie Review: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - Warner Brothers (2016)

Zach Snyder directs his second film for the DC movie universe, bringing his particular style of directing with him.  Whether you like that type of thing is entirely up to you.

Batman V Superman gave us the fight we were anticipating and also introduced the audience to some new characters.  The pacing of this movie was pretty slow going early on with an artsy dream sequence explaining Batman's(Ben Affleck) origin.  Much of Batman's view of the world and Superman(Henry Cavill) being in it is fueled heavily on his delusional dreams(of which he has plenty).  I had a hard time figuring out if Bruce's butler/assistant in the Bat-Cave, Alfred(Jeremy Irons) is the voice of reason or someone feeding into Bruce Wayne's fears.  Bruce Wayne is Batman for you non-superhero loving folks.

The world is starting to fear Superman and he's being framed for violence across the world.  The framing of the Man of Steel seemed a bit of a stretch but you got to do something to get this movie going.  With all this fear, Lex Luthor(Jesse Eisenberg) is on the hunt for Kryptonite after discovering how it affects the other Krytponian, the now deceased Zod.

I won't go to much further into the plot points of this film but I will give some of the higher and lower points of the film.

  • The fight between Superman and Batman went as expected.
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane was great.
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was much better than expected.
  • I wanted more of Wonder Woman(Gal Gadot).
  • The funeral scene was Peter Jackson long!  I could have went to Mordor and back by the time that ended.  

Overall I liked the movie.  It was worth watching.  I didn't love the movie however and I am in no rush to see it again.  If you need a comic book movie fix, go check it out.  If you wait for blu-ray, I wouldn't blame you there.

What are your thoughts on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?  Is this on your must see list?  Please respond in the comment section below.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Director: Zack Snyder

Writer: Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer

Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Gal Gabot, Holly Hunter

Well after 3 years of waiting, its finally here. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally been released. I feel I must state some things before I get into this, mainly because I feel some rants coming on here in the very near future. I did not hate the movie, no hate is to strong, but (isn’t there always a but) I by no means am going to say that I am a huge fan of this movie either.  Is it worth seeing? Absolutely. You have to see it, it’s Batman verse Superman, or I guess if you want to use that horrible title choice, Batman V Superman. Also, I must state that even though I have read some comic books, I haven’t really read anything that pertains to the story in this movie, so I really have no expectations when it comes to a plot other than the fact that I know Doomsday kills Superman, so I didn’t have much to go on. That being stated, lets get this thing going. I’m not going to break down scene-by-scene what happened, frankly that would be boring and confusing, there was just too many dream sequences and what not. So lets just dive in, I want to say some nice things to get this started.

First of all I was right. That was very womanly of me wasn’t it? Oh well its true, I said going in that I thought Ben Affleck was going to surprise people, well guess what Ben Affleck was not what was wrong with this movie, if anything he was what was right with this movie. Thumbs up Mr. Affleck, I totally dig you as Bruce Wayne and I am excited for what you do next in this crazy DC universe.  Just for the record, that was my “I told you so” I’m not sorry. Moving on, a pleasant surprise for me was Gal Gabot, she did fantastic as Wonder Woman. I had no idea what to expect from her and she proved to be great for the role.  She was a nice touch to counter act the big strong broody men of the movie, yeah I’m talking about Batman and Superman, they’re such drama queens sometimes. Also, Jeremy Irons was a nice touch for this film as well. He did rather well as Alfred, even though Michael Caine will always be Alfred to me, sorry Jeremy. Tiny side note, I did like Amy Adams and Henry Cavill more in this film than I did in Man of Steel, but trust me that isn’t saying much. That is all I’m going to say on them.

Some of the props were pretty awesome and deserve to be mentioned as well. The Smoke bombs with aerosol kryptonite was genius.  How that was incorporated into the fight scene between Batman and Superman (and eventually Doomsday) was perfect. Finally getting to see a little of that “Worlds Greatest Detective” title paying off.  I also have to admit liked this version of the batmobile more than the previous one we had for Christian Bale’s Batman. This one just felt more slick and agile, it felt more like the Batmobile to me. We can’t talk about props with out bring up the kryptonite staff, it was pretty important in the end, although I’m not sure why Batman just left it behind for Lois to dispose of. My favorite props in the movie though, were all of Wonder Woman’s props! All of them! The shield, the whip, the sword, her bracelets of submission, all of them amazing!

Outside of enjoying little bits of character development, some fun new toys and some good fight scenes, there just wasn’t much that I wanted to invest in. Things just keep taking me out of the story. For example, there never is a real reason why Lex Luthor wants Batman and Superman to fight each other so bad. Also, how is it that not a single person noticed how unstable Lex is? I mean come on, he seemed like some awkward Riddler/Joker knock off throwing a temper tantrum. Nothing about this character made me feel like he was the big bad villain we expect Lex Luthor to be. Plus, considering he is the one who gives us Doomsday, the character should have been better expressed.  I mean come on its Lex Luthor for crying out loud. Ugh whatever.

Just a heads up for any villain out there, if they want to beat Batman all they need to do is say one name, Martha. Apparently Martha is to Batman, what kryptonite is to Superman. So unconvincing in the moment, yes I get why it was done that way, no I don’t need it explained. It was still lame, I don’t care what anyone says, it was a horrible way to end such a good fight.  Yet oddly enough, that made more sense than the end of the big fight with Doomsday. Superman flying with a spear made of kryptonite was the biggest “what the fuck” moment of the movie. Did Zack Snyder forget that superman looses his abilities when he is near this green rock? I mean it’s only the most memorable parts of Superman’s story. I dare say kryptonite is more widely known than any of the villains in the Superman universe. Sure people might not know its call kryptonite, but everyone knows the green rock is bad for Superman. How the hell did you mess that up?

It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here, I don’t like how this movie made Lex Luthor seem like one of Batman’s villains, but there is still so much possibility for what is to come next. It was a small bit, but I really hope to see something in future films that have to do with the Robin costume that Joker had written on. Please let that happen somewhere!!!  Overall, the movie wasn’t a total waist, there was some entertaining parts if you don’t try to focus to hard on the story. It is worth seeing in the theater, the big screen is where this movie should be experienced. I’m positive this will not have the same feel on a tv screen as it does on the big screen.  Honestly though, lets be real, if you are a comic book fan or even just a fan of comic book movies you have to see this film. At the end of the day, it is the two biggest super heroes in a movie together. You just have to watch it. 

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