Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Binge Watcher Review: Interrogation (2016)

Interrogation (2016)

C.J. Perry, Adam Copeland, Julia Benson, Erica Carrol, Patrick Sabongui, Michael Rogers, Mitchell Kummen

After the FBI receives a threat that endangers the entire city, an Interrogator and an I.T. Specialist are plunged into a series of mind games with a criminal mastermind, desperately racing against time to uncover the villain’s true agenda as they fight to protect thousands of lives. 

The Good:
This may be the best WWE Studio’s film that has been made couple that with Adam Copeland’s ever improving performance and you end up with a solid movie.

The Bad:
While the movie itself and the star of the movie were solid, the supporting cast left a lot to be desired. I am not saying it was horrible but it definitely felt like a movie which had the cast of a Straight to DVD Movie.

Final Thoughts:
Interrogation is the third film in the WWE/Lionsgate movie agreement which was agreed upon to showcase emerging talent. If you haven’t figure out yet, this really is to showcase WWE Talent. Interrogation is not the exception, as this movie stars former WWE star and Hall of Famer Edge (Adam Copeland) and current WWE Star Lana (CJ Perry). Usually you would have to be a Hard Core WWE fan to enjoy the movie, but this film is different, Its actually a solid movie

Adam Copeland performance is a major improvement since his first major movie “Bending The Rules”. It’s one of the reason’s this movie came across as much more watchable than most WWE Films.

This movie starts with the interrogation of man who is terrorizing a community and ends with a major twist which you wouldn’t see coming. With a film like this it was nice to see that the action used was spaced between the plot of the movie, leaving the viewer with a nice fast pace film that doesn’t leave you bored and wanting to turn the channel. I recommend this film for your viewing pleasure.

Let us know what your thoughts of this movie were and leave your comments below.

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