Monday, February 29, 2016

Comic Book Review: Action Comics #36 (2015)


Written by Greg Pak
Art by Aaron Kuder

John Henry and Lana Lang are in Smallville following the aftermath of Brainiac's attack.  Lana has been suffering from a recurring nightmare and it may just come true.  Superman senses things aren't right and is compelled to head to Smallville.

This book had the feel of a horror comic which was a cool departure from what you might expect from a Superman comic book.  Strange mist, zombies and all around trying to figure out what the heck is going on.  This was a very good story from Greg Pak and my first Action Comics book I've read from the New 52.

Aaron Kuder's art goes well with the story and I'm sure it was a lot of fun drawing the undead.  This is a good team for this story.  Well done by all involved.  It left on an interesting note and leaves me wanting the next issue.

What are your thoughts on Action Comics?  Do you like the direction of the Superman comic books?  Please respond in the comment section below.

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