Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Comic Book Review: Silver Surfer - Marvel Comics (2016)


Written by Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Art by Michael Allred & Laura Allred

The Silver Surfer and Dawn return to Earth and they get there in time as the Earth is in danger of having something stolen.

Silver Surfer as a comic is a bit different than other comic books.  The book is as much about the Earthling, Dawn, that the Surfer has befriended.  This particular story is fun as the ending isn't just the Silver Surfer overpowering his enemies.  Sure, the Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, but adding Dawn to the mix to give a different perspective is great.  She adds a compassionate and empathetic view that makes you think of other outcomes.

This had to be a fun book for Michael and Laura Allred to work on.  There were a lot of pop culture protagonists that they included and all in alien form.  Doctor Who, the Bride from Kill Bill and many many more.  As cool as that was, it was even cooler to see the most well known Allred creation, Madman, coming out of the pages of a comic book!

I know there was a lot of information shared in this post, but I'm hoping it entices you to pick this book up.  I try not to include too many spoilers as I know Dan Slott along with Michael and Laura Allred put a lot of hard work into their books.  Silver Surfer #1 is a fun book and definitely worth a read.  I received this comic book from the Comic Block Subscription Box and you can read the review of that here.

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