Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jughead - Issue 2 - Comic Book Review

Jughead - #2 - Archie
Written By: Chip Zdartsky
Art By: Erica Henderson

Jughead and the kids at Riverdale High are having trouble adjusting to the new principle and his teaching staff. Detention seems to be the common theme for each student who can’t adhere to the whims of each teacher. Jughead decides that in order to avoid detention he will have to bend the rules to fit his needs but the new principle has other ideas for Jughead which have long lasting, negative, effects. 

The story in the second issue was more enjoyable than issue 1 for me. I’m enjoying the characters who have more developed characteristics. The theme is established as well this month that the new principle of Riverdale is a curious case, bordering maniacal. There are some great lines about bending rules not breaking them in this issue as well. Jughead is developed and after two issues it feels like a piece of his character will be the focal point to highlight each story. 

The art work continues to entertain as the colors adjust to create mood. The characters faces are drawn in such a way the emotions experienced are visually noticeable also. Henderson is starting to shape and mold this new world in ways that feel natural, not forced. Even the section of the story dealing with time travel looked unique. 

Another fun issue that’s for all ages. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out parents are buying this to read to their kids as part of a family bonding time. It entertains on multiple levels and is family friendly. Good times with Jughead, Archie and the crew at Riverdale High School. 

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