Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Romancer - Issue #2 - Comic Book Review

New Romancer - #2 - Vertigo
Written By: Peter Milligan
Art By: Brett Parson and Brian Miller

Casanova and his band of lunatics have discovered a way to continue their new way of “life” while New Romancer has a successful dating story from one of their clients. Lex is all smiles as the dating algorithm has proven one successful tale and as Valentines day approaches the number of requests on New Romancer is increasing. Lex is convinced that Byron will be the key to making this site a success but nothing ever goes as smoothly as one hopes or plans. Especially when a psychotic Casanova is hot on your trail and your competitors are trying to stop Byron before he starts.

The issue provides more insight into what a maniac Casanova is. The pages that had him and his team of psychos were my favorite part of this issue. This character is certified crazy and that’s awesome. The continued world building that is occurring with Lex and her team was written well to develop the unique personalities each character has in this story. The attention to character is splendid. The opening pages provide the story of the blind date that was a success and even those ancillary characters had their own special something. Overall, Peter is creating a story that continues to entertain and delight. 

The art work continues to make my eyes smile, if that’s a possible thing. The expressions on the faces of each character puts tone right into my imagination as I hear the voices I assume would go with these characters. It’s fantastic. If the character is shocked, upset, confused, nervous, crazy or melancholy you can see it, accurately, on these pages. Parson and Miller did such great work to capture the emotions of these characters on each page. 

Overall, job well done. The characters are coming into their own, the story is becoming something special and I continue to look forward to more readings. The market is oversaturated with rehashed characters in familiar situations and the “New Romancer” stands apart as a fresh concept on modern life, dating, the internet and relationships. It even provides a few laughs along the way. Check it out at comic book stores near you, now… assuming they’re open at the hours you read this. 

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