Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The X-Files: The Struggle II

The X-Files: My Struggle II

Writer and Director: Chris Carter

Starrin: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, Joel McHale, Lauren Ambrose, Robbie Amell, William B Davis

Synopsis: Mulder and Scully uncover a shocking truth with global ramifications.

Review: I’m going to step away from The Good and The Bad this time, mainly because I just want to talk about the overall episode rather than the highs and lows… mainly cause there really wasn’t any minus the cliffhanger we were all left with. Over all, the entire episode just lacked and eventually felt a little redundant. With a worldwide epidemic happening it is left to Scully and Einstein must find a way to create a cure based on the alien DNA inside of Scully. I’m no scientist, but I feel like that takes longer than a couple of hours, also from a health stand point I’m pretty sure you one bag of blood isn’t going to be enough to create enough of a vaccine for the hole hospital/world. Hey its Hollywood though, I’ll go with it. I really do enjoy Miller and Einstein, so the two of them being back in this episode is more than welcome. Sadly, though I had started to hope for a spin off with the two, I’m starting to thing they are a little too cloneish to be a spin off and more of secondary backups to give more possibilities to the writers for dialog/story purposes.


Mulder is on his on journey through this though. While he dodges calls from Scully and Skinner (YAY! Mitch Pileggi!!! I’m sure you all have noticed I’m a fan), Mulder makes his way towards the Cigarette Smoking Man to get answers. Probably the best part of this episode was the fight scene that Mulder has with man that was trying to obtain him. That fight scene was choreographed very well, even though Mulder no-sold that gutwrench suplex. That suplex though, it looked damn good.  Mulder ends up at the Cigarette Smoking Mans home, but refuses the cure that the man can provide. Miller shows up to “save the day” and to try to bring him back to Scully in time to get the vaccine.

Now what we are left with after that mother of a cliffhanger, Mulder appears to be to sick for the vaccine and needs their son to help him get better. Unfortunately, neither Mulder nor Scully know where their son is. Also the episode ends with a Unidentified Flying Object (dare I say UFO), that was seen earlier in the season blowing up a car, is now hovering over Mulder, Scully and Miller. And that is where the episode ends. In all of this we have no idea what happens. Ugh the anger!!! Chris Carter do not leave us hanging like that, I don’t know what executives you need to talk to at Fox, but please! Do not just leave this like that!

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