Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Silver Surfer - Issue 1 - Comic Book Review

Silver Surfer - #1 - Marvel
Written By: Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Art By: Laura Allred

Silver Surfer and Dawn are interrupting a transmission from space that is from an alien race, the Hordax, who are claiming rule over the earth. While the Surfer fights off the aliens in their ship Dawn uses the time to tell her family she is headed back to earth in 3 days. Shortly after arriving on Earth the books, art, music, television shows and movies are all suddenly being stolen into space. Dawn and the Silver Surfer race to space and discover the Hordax are behind it all. Things are not as they appear and a greater threat looms in the distance with a familiar face who is familiar with space travel and battle.

This was a fun issue. Some of the moments were silly and humorous which made this comic an entertaining treat. The dialogue didn’t require too much from the reader which was also nice. This issue was a quick, enjoyable read. 

The art work was vibrant and unique, in a good way. The colors in this issue all pop and the characters all have their own look except for Dawn and her twin sister. They even had one or two major differences in appearance too. This issue felt like I gave my eyes visual candy. This was an exciting look that was creative and felt original. 

Overall, I’m not sure if I’ll continue reading the series but it was a fun break from some of the more intense stories I read. If you’re looking for something that is stunning and electric in appearance this is a great comic for you. If you enjoy a quick, fun, read then again this is for you. It reads well and the art is a delight. 

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