Monday, February 29, 2016

Comic Book Review: Dark Knight III: The Master Race - DC Comics (2016)

Book Three

Written by Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello
Art by Andy Kubert

The Kryptonians are making their presence known while Batman and Robin go out to get the help they need to save the planet.

Things continue to get interesting within this story and the plot continues to thicken.  I'm sure you can guess who Bats would turn to in such a time of impossible crisis but you probably don't quite know what awaits them.  The end of this book definitely has you anxious to see what happens in book four.  The dialogue, story pacing and the Twitter feed trolling throughout the book is so fantastically written.  Miller and Azzarello are truly on their game.

Andy Kubert does a great job capturing Miller's essence with the art in this book.  He has a knack for getting the exaggerated features and facial expressions that move this story along incredibly well.

There is also a mini book included within Book Three of Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

Green Lantern #1
Written by Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello
Art by John Romita Jr. & Frank Miller

Green Lantern reminisces about his life and has a run in with some floating women in Egypt.

This was an odd story and I'm sure it will fit at some point.  Green Lantern is painted as somebody that is, basically, worthless in the Dark Knight Universe.  Well, other than that ring of his.

The art is awful in this book.  I normally do not knock artists as so many books are stylized and fit the story being told.  This book did no favors for itself by looking the way it does.  I've long applauded John Romita Jr. as my favorite artist ever for Amazing Spider-Man so by no means am I saying he is a poor artist.

What are your thoughts on Dark Knight III: The Master Race?  Do you like this version of Batman?  What other comic books would you like Maskerpiece Theatre to read and review?  Please leave your responses below.

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