Thursday, February 25, 2016

Supernatural Review: Beyond the Mat

Supernatural: Beyond the Mat

Director: Jerry Wanek

Writers: John Bring & Andrew Dabb

Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Aleks Paunovic, Mike Mizanin, Aidan Kahn, Jackie Debatin

Synopsis: Sam and Dean attend a wresling match to relive one of their fondest memories, but when a wrestler turns up dead, they suspect foul play.

Review: Oh what’s this? Wrestling and Winchesters, yes please! Even better, wrestling fans are greeted with a familiar face. Hello Mike Mizanin, also known as “The most must see superstar of the WWE, The Miz” who plays Shawn Harley (I see what they did there with that name and I like it). The show kicks off with the Miz... I mean Shawn Harley in a match with old timer... and possible intoxicated Hangman, needless to say Harley was not very happy with how that match went. The Hangman, though ends up getting killed with his own gimmick, a noose, while getting ready to leave after the show is over. The irony from a wrestling stand point is fantastic, you're own weapon doing you in. It turns out the Hangman was one of John Winchester’s, the boys father, favorite wrestlers. After a little convincing from Dean, the boys are on their way to pay respect at the funeral. After a little talking at the wake, Sam and Dean decide to go to the memorial show Top Notch Wrestling will be having for The Hangman. And the show is funny again, Sam and Dean cheering through out the match was great. It was nice to see Jensen get to enjoy having fun with Dean in this episode, his version of fan-boying was hilarious.

This is Supernatural though, so of course another dead body pops up and its back to the grind of things. Of course that didn’t stop Dean from getting in the ring and rolling around a little. That Ric Flair strut was pretty good, but if Jensen could never run the ropes again that would be great. I could watch him fall out of the ring a couple more times though. Dean is able to eliminate any of the wrestlers as the demon that is dropping bodies, now with Dean enjoying his hang over the boys try to come at this from a different angle.  As the story plays out, we come to find out Gunner Lawless, Deans favorite, is working with the demon Duke to steal souls to put off the Hellhounds coming to collect him for a deal he made for his soul years ago. You have to love a good demon! Or well at least I do. Nice job Aidan Kahn! Dukes next victim signed up is Shawn Harley, which leads the Winchesters straight to the demon. Thanks for that assist Miz, sadly the boys didn’t get to save you. Gunner Lawless accepts his fate and kills Duke himself before Duke can take out the boys. 

The sub story going on between Crawley and Lucifer/Castiel was more important from a season arc story point. Crawley was finaly able to get out from under Lucifer after a double cross… or I guess triple cross would be more accurate. Turns out Crawley had a Hand of God hidden in storage lock up, and he led Castiel there in hopes to be able to use it to get rid of Lucifer forever. Unfortunately it was a one hit wonder too, the power waisted when Simmons steps in front of Castiel to protect Lucifer. I have really enjoyed the interactions between Lucifer and Crawley, them together just warms my heart. Best line of the episode goes to Crawley, “I don’t think you can handle my rod.” So phallic and dirty you just have to giggle.

Final Thoughts: Even though we are getting close to the end of the season, the episodes still seem to be more one offish rather than season arc related. I’m guessing that means a lot will be packed into the final episodes of the season. I’m okay with that. Shout out to Jackie Debatin, I really liked Rio in this episode. Also Miz did really good in this episode, I look forward to seeing more with him the future. This episode will probably be more enjoyable for wrestling fans, but I think it would be fun for everyone.

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