Thursday, October 27, 2016

Arrow Review: Season 5 Episode 4 "Penance"

Arrow Season 5 Episode 4

Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards, Echo Kellum, Josh Segarra, Paul Blackthorne, Audrey Marie Anderson, Rick Gonzalez, Joe Dinicoi, Madison McLaughlin, Chad L. Coleman, David Nykl

Oliver and Lyla team up on a secret mission for Diggle. Felicity finds out and disapproves of the plan and opts to stay behind. When Tobias Church launches a deadly assault against the city, Felicity must decide if she wants to send the recruits out sans the Green Arrow.

Final Thoughts:
I feel like I might be in the minority in the sentiment that Arrow’s 5th season has been solid if not one of the better seasons of the show through the first 4 episodes. The one consensus that I think I share with most is that each episode this season is truly getting better. “Penance” really told a complete and solid story where each member of Team Arrow had solid character growth. What is making this season work right now is that each story arc currently seems to be staying within each episode, yes there is some flowing stories like the young new team continuing learning curve but this not only is working but should be expected. If there was one fix the creators of Arrow should make to the show it would have to be the Flash backs. I’ve been a strong supporter the past 4 season of this story telling, however with the 5th season started I am finding little reason for this to continue and feel like the time used for the Flashbacks could have greater impact on the current storyline.

The 4th episode of the season see’s Oliver working with Lyla to rescue Diggle from military prison, while the rest of the team works to stop Tibias Church from attacking Adrien Chase and freeing Sergio from custody. Before the team sans Oliver, take on Church, Felicity works one fixing the issue between herself and Rory, the nice thing about this is season each character seems to have a understanding and growth to expect each member of the team as they are and it makes each issue that comes up more really for the hero’s they are. 

The last minutes of the episode show that Church has Rene and are going to try to break that spirit he has. Now that he is captured team Arrow will need to work to rescue Wild Dog. Obviously the results will be dire for Oliver, but will this be the end of Tobias Church? We know that he wants the Green Arrow dead, but what happens when he tries to accomplish this feat? Will Prometheus have something to say about this?

With Diggle back and more than likely going the team as spartan again, this should add an additional dynamic to the team, with what seems to be his acceptance Oliver we should be getting more of the Oliver/Diggle Dynamic which we saw in the first two season. 

Let us know your thoughts on the episode and leave your comments below.

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