Thursday, February 18, 2016

Arrow Review: Season 4 Episode 14 "Code of Silence"

Arrow Season 4 Episode 14
“Code of Silence”

Team Arrow uncovers HIVE’s plan to take them out for good, Leading Lance to wonder if Donna is better off without him and Oliver to consider telling Felicity about his son.

With Oliver preparing for his first Debate for Mayor against Ruve Adams, Lance is attacked by members of HIVE who specialize in demolition. Team Arrow takes the fight to the demolition team, after the first two encounters with the team ending with the failure. Oliver and team learn that the next attack will be at the big debate. 

Final Thoughts:
An interesting episode of Arrow, the demolition seemed to be only place in order for the creators of Arrow to have an excuse to suite up Oliver and to provide some foreshadowing. Obviously with issues arising between Donna and Lance due to lies is directly tied to Felicity and Oliver and the fact that he has yet to tell Felicity about his son William. 

With an interesting twist for the show, it seems like the creators gave Oliver a win finally in his personal life with his debate victory of the wife of Darhk. It will be an interesting season 5 if Oliver become Mayor. 

I loved the nice little nod to Curtis Holts super hero personality of Mr Terrific when Oliver called him Terrific after coming up with some tech that may ultimately help Felicity walk again. Although i am not to sure how I feel about this possibility, it seem so soon for them to come up with a way to have her walk again.

Finally the ending, its seems now that Darhk has William, who he says they will be watch while his mother is busy. Does this ultimately mean she is in the grave? No one will truly know until we get to that episode. But it seems like all signs are pointing in that way.

Another solid episode, but ultimately only gets One Thumbs Up, as this is two episodes in a row which have had very limited Green Arrow scenes. What did you think of Episode 14? Leave your comments below.

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1 comment:

  1. I enjoy episodes where other characters are showcased. Loved seeing more of Donna and Lance, especially. Last act had me on the edge. A big thumbs up to the Curtis scene also.